Everything starts at the end of the 18th century...

YESTERDAY. At the end of the 18th century, the first owners of the estate, the De Vecchi, an aristocratic family from Siena, built the first part of what is today the central property. Two other important aristocratic families followed. The Aldobrandini extended the estate with further farm buildings and the last owners before the Donati, the Vanni, who came from Florence, bought the whole estate at the beginnning of the 20th century, adding the main villa to the existing property. In 1953, Luigi Donati della Massa Trabaria, from the Le Marche region, was looking for an estate to buy somewhere in Italy. After a long search, he ended up at Montestigliano and fell in love with it immediately. Montestigliano became for him the property he had always wanted and a special place where he enjoyed many happy years at the end of his life.

TODAY. In 1975, the property was passed on to Giancarlo Donati, his eldest son, who is the present owner. As Giancarlo, together with his children, began to manage the estate, they faced the difficult task of having to adjust quickly to the social and economic changes that have transformed Italy over the last few decades. Giancarlo Donati, together with Massimo, his eldest son, decided to pull out of the most labour-intensive activities, such as wine production and livestock breeding. Instead, they focused the farm on cereal production (wheat, sunflowers and maize), using mechanised techniques with a smaller labour force. In 1985, he saw the opportunity to transform the old farmhouses, which were by now uninhabited, into tourist accommodation, and so began a farmhouse with the help of his wife Maria Adriana Rossi, together with his two oldest daughters, Luisa and Virginia. The business grew rapidly in the years that followed and today involves the whole family, including the youngest children, Marta and Damiano.

montestigliano family coat-of-arms
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