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What to do in Siena

What to do in Siena

7 things to do in Siena and 3 activities worth trying (even in times of Covid-19)

Siena, one of central Italy’s great treasures, is a hugely popular tourist destination, widely appreciated for its medieval red-brick buildings and its enormous historical, artistic and panoramic heritage. The city is also famous for the Palio, a historical competition between the city’s numerous districts, which takes the form of a medieval horse race held twice a year; on the 2nd of July the race is run in honour of Our Lady of Provenzano and on the 16th of August in honour of Our Lady of Assumption. At only a short 22 min drive from Montestigliano, Siena is one of the most loved and visited destinations from our charming Tuscan hamlet. In this mini guide we will lead you through the wonders of the city on a journey to discover what to do in Siena during the day, at night, in the rain and even in times of Covid-19.

What to do in Siena 

If you are visiting the city for the very first time and wondering what to do in Siena, we suggest going straight to its heart, where you will find the characteristic and picturesque Piazza del Campo main square. Feast your eyes on Fonte Gaia, the largest decorated city fountain, as well as the Town Hall and the Torre del Mangia Tower. After taking in these majestic sites, it’s time to head over to the Duomo. The facade will leave you speechless but don’t be fooled: the real crown jewels are on the inside. The Cathedral floor is a story in itself, full of esoteric symbols and religious stories, from ancient Greek Sibyls to the Slaughter of the Innocents, King David and sage Hermes Trismegistus, the life of Moses and Jephthah’s sacrifice. What to do in Siena with children: if you are travelling with children visit the Santa Maria della Scala Museum Complex which houses the Children’s Art Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

What to do in Siena at night

Although the city is not usually known for its nightlife, the options of things to do in Siena at night are plentiful. If you happen to be in the city between the 5th of November and 17th of December, take a thematic guided tour of the Civic Museum, open especially for the occasion, every Thursday between 9pm and 11pm. Every single tour is unique, each one dedicated to a single piece of art.

Alternatively, just 20 minutes from the city, back in the comfort of our hamlet, we can organise a multitude of activities such as an evening dedicated to tasting traditional Tuscan dishes.

What to do in Siena if it rains

If you are in Siena and it’s raining, remember there is always the option of dedicating some quality time to visiting the museums. The most interesting include the Museum of Natural History at the Siena Academy of Sciences that houses countless important findings spread throughout its zoological, geological and botanical collections, animal and mineral artefacts and remarkable petrified anatomical specimens.

Things to do in Siena: our top list

To end our visit to Siena we would like to propose a list of 7 things to do in Siena (and the surrounding area) and 3 activities that will make you fall in love with the city:

  1. The Baptistery of San Giovanni-Siena
  2. The Basilica of San Domenico-Siena
  3. The Chianti Sculpture Park
  4. The Rocca Salimbeni building-Siena
  5. The Botanical Garden-Siena
  6. The Piccolomini Library in the Duomo-Siena
  7. The Civic Museum and the Torre del Mangia Tower
  8. A view of Siena from above in a hot air balloon
  9. A wine tasting tour
  10. Hiking in the Tuscan countryside.